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Sample Photo StitchStitch

  Panorama Photo Stitching Software for FREE

A FREE and easy to use cross-platform Panoramic Stitching Software based on Panorama Tools by Hugin.

With this FREE Panorama Stitching Software you can assemble a series of overlapping photographs into a 360 panorama photograph, stitch a series of overlapping pictures to create 180°or 360° degree Panoramic Photographs, 360 x 360 Panoramas and even prepare them for QuickTime VR.

Download Panorama Photo Stiching Software for your OS Platform
Platform File Name Download

OS_X Logo Panoram Stitcher for OS X Hugin_Pano_Stitcher-0.7.0_mac.dmg Mac OS X
Windows_Logo Panoram Stitcher for Windows Hugin_Pano_Stitcher-0.7.0_win32-setup.exe


Linux_Logo Panoram Stitcher for Linux Hugin_Pano_Stitcher-0.7.0.tar.gz

Screenshot of Your Free Panorama Sticher in Action! screenshot_600
Photo Stitching Tutorials

Panorama Sticher Overview
This tutorial and it's links below explain the different stages of panorama stitching and discusses the concepts involved.

Stitching Two Photographs Together
This tutorial covers the simplest usage of Hugin Photo Stitching Software, just taking two handheld photographs and sticking them together into a single image. Stitching two pictures together

Stitching Multi-row photos together
This tutorial covers a more complex application of Hugin Panoramic Stitcher, taking two rows of handheld photographs and stitching them together into a single image, using the automated Assistant. The same process can be applied to more than two rows. Multi-Row Photo Stitching

Simple lens calibration
This tutorial describes the application to obtain lens distortion parameters a, b, c. These parameters can be saved for reuse in future projects, or imported into a lens database such as lensfun. Lens calibration


Correcting Chromatic Aberration
This tutorial explains how our Panoramic Stitcher can be used to estimate parameters for the correction of transverse chromatic abberation. Correcting Chromatic Aberations

Creating 360° Enfused Panoramas
Enfuse is a new tool for merging bracketed exposures and assembling a composite image containing the best exposed bits of each. Hugin. Creating a Quicktime 360° x 360 Spheriacl Pano

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