The Worlds Most Powerful & Easy To Use Virtual Tour Software

Unrivalled Options Virtual Tour Builder™ is all about helping you to make marketing your business or property an easier process and even generating you revenue!
Whether your business already has a web presence or not - a stand alone Virtual Tour can quickly an easily be created that will integrate easily into your existing website or you can modify and generate a version to send out on a CD or even for use as part of a portable off-line presentation.

1. Full Customisation TourBuilder™ enables you to create and manage a Virtual Tour of your own. It provides you full freedom to make your tour come to life.
  • Customise the Viewer Skin Colour
    By customizing the 'skin' colour of your virtual tour - you can control the final look of your tour.
  • Brand Your Tour with Your Logo
    You can add your own logo allowing you to stamp your company livery on your tour.
  • Add Print Files
    The VR2020™ Virtual Tour Software offers you a complete and unrivalled marketing solution that enables you to incorporate your companies’ brochures, literature, menu, vouchers, rates etc, for your customers to view and print
  • Include Audio Narration for each HS
    VR2020's Virtual Tour software now offers the ability for you to add your own audio files to accompany each HS
  • Include URL Hyperlinks, Web links and Direct email links
    Our cutting edge technology features the ability to add a hyperlink, web link and direct email to every hotspot. Giving you endless flexibility and options to customise your tour.

2. Easy-To-Use One-Click Steps
The VR2020™ Virtual Tour Builder software is the authoritative easy-to-use virtual tour maker. No experience in IT skills or intensive training are required to easily and quickly create and manage a professional interactive VR tour. Anyone with the ability to use a keyboard and to point and click with a mouse can create professional results right away.

3. Multimedia Presentation
The VR2020™ Virtual Tour Software has unique features designed for media-rich VR multimedia presentations that work seamlessly on PC or Apple Mac platforms.

  • Your modifiable virtual tours can be downloaded to your hard drive for off-line presentations or to send out on CD’s.
    You can make permanent or temporary adjustment such as changing the viewer skin colour and logo or briefly change your banners, default Hotspots (HS), Print files, Audio files, Web-links, Hyperlinks and email links to target specific target markets.
  • The VR2020™ virtual Tour software even allows you to permanently or temporarily de-activate individual hotspots.

4. Intelligent Hotspots (HS)
Link a HS to a spherical panorama, still image, or video file, include audio narration/instruction, add a banner even add a print file and display it on your own website or link to another virtual tour. With the TourBuilder™ just about anything you can imagine GTG™ can help you create it.

5. Interactive Map/Floor Plan and Mini-Map Navigator
Using one of the three interactive map options in VR2020's virtual tour software will help you accomplish a more immersive and interactive virtual tour.

The automated Mini-Map navigator can not only be used to manoeuvre the map but shows the user where they are on the map at all times.

Editable Virtual Tours
The TourBuilder™ gives you complete control over your virtual tour. Not only does allow you to show property specific information with your virtual tours, but you can also edit any of the information you supply - at any time!

Downloadable Virtual Tours
Always liked the idea of a virtual tour, but wanted the convenience of being able to view it off your hard drive for off-line presentations or to send out on CD’s to customers?

With TourBuilder™ v3.2 Tours can be viewed online or offline on your hard drive…even burned to a CD! This way you can distribute your customised tours to clients who don't have Internet access.