VR2020™ Features and Benefits Chart
VR Lady 40 Features are Included To Give Your Virtual Tour The Ideal Platform to Market and Showcase Your City, Business, Property, Hotel, Golf Course, Resort, Venue, Exhibition and more...
See what VR2020.com offers below!






No Coding or Programming Required

  • Create and manage with a click of a mouse
  • Build a tour quickly
  • Save Money - More cost effective than other virtual tour approaches
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Puts creative control in the hands of the business unit

Hotspot On/Off Switch

  • Manage seasonal Hotspots
  • Control client offerings
  • Generate Revenue through Hotspots
  • Re-use Hotspots and protect your investment
  • Enhance Partner Offerings

Interactive Map/Floor Plan

  • Allow visitors to easily navigate through your facility and control their viewing experience
  • Gives viewers a feel of location
  • Visitor friendly
  • Generate revenue
  • Targeted

Hotspot QTVR Option

  • Enables HD 360°x360° spherical full screen interactive imagery.
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment



Hotspot Still Pic Slide Show Option

  • Present interactive high end Virtual Tours with digital Still photographs from your camera
  • Low cost alternative to video
  • highlight your facilities and services

Hotspot Video Option

  • Each HS can be accompanied by a video presentation
  • Studies show that we retain up to 65% of the information that has been presented in a visual and auditory mode

Text Description

  • The ability to provide unlimited text to support tour
  • Get YOUR message across

Hotspot Audio Narration Enabled

  • Audio narration elevates the profile of your HS
  • Engages visitors via multimedia capability
  • Provides audio description to promote your facilities
  • Customer responsive
  • Increase traction



Hotspot Print File, Brochures Facility

  • Visitors can download Brochures, Menus, Rate Sheets, Vouchers, etc.
  • Deliver files on request
  • Save money - no printing or postage costs
  • Be a “greener” facility
  • No outdated marketing materials.
  • Strike while the iron is hot deliver info n requested.



Printer Friendly Hotspot Page Creator

  • Viewers can print the Hotspot information including map location to find you
  • Can be used by your visitors
    as a planning guide
  • Sales tools

Hotspot Associated Email Links

  • Allow your customers to communicate directly with you and your departments
  • Address all visitor needs and concerns
  • Give visitors the control to see and do what they want

Hotspot Associated Web Links

  • Each Hotspot offers 2 web links per Hotspot to channel visitors to action or further information
  • Channel visitors to action Registration, request for information etc.)



Hotspot Linked Interactive Banners

  • Publicity banners that will generate revenue and/or redirect visitors or promote specific product and services
  • Generate revenue through banner ads
  • Branding



Dynamic - Up-datable, Modifiable

  • Changes and modifications are made in real time ,
  • Modify for different market segments
  • Enhance services offerings
  • Respond to effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Customized Category Creator

  • Create custom categories
  • Tours can be customized to meet your needs

Directory Linked Hotspot

  • Visitors can access a Hotspots through the Directory
  • Easy to use reducing visitor frustration
  • Quick access to information

Hotspot Editing and Moving

  • HS can be re-used and/or edited
  • protect your investment

Blog, Chat

  • Visitors can input comments on your tour
  • Abuses can also be reported
  • You hear directly from the people visiting your VR tour providing instant feedback that can be acted upon

Internal Search Engine

  • Get immediate feedback about your VR Tour from visitors
  • Reduces frustration
  • Make it easy for visitors to do business with you

Star Rating System

  • Allow viewers to rate your tour
  • External visitors can rate the effectiveness of your tour providing valuable feedback on an ongoing basis.



Search Engine - Meta Tag Creator

  • Input key words to help Google and other search engines find and rank your tour
  • Get more visitors
  • Rank higher in Search Engines

Custom Branding

  • Customise Mast Head and Logo to fit company brand
  • Supports corporate and partner branding

Personalized Skin Colour

  • Brand the look to you or your partners corporate identity
  • Consistent with your corporate marketing


  • Give International visitors access to information in their language of choice
  • Allow international visitors access to information in their language of choice if available

Burn Tours to CD

  • Upload modified version of the tour
  • Enhance marketing campaigns
  • Sales support

Upload a Tour

  • Allows to upload a tour directly to your website saving time
    and money cutting out third party IT personnel.

  • Immediate Update to
    Your Website
  • Save money from outside
    IT charges



Embed and/or Link Hotspot Option

  • Allows visitors and partners to link or embed tour on partner web site
  • Direct traffic to your partners
  • Value Add



Embed and/or Link Tour Option

  • Allows visitors and partners to link or embed Hotspot on partner web site
  • Expand marketing
  • Direct traffic to specific
    partner information

Google Map Mash-up

  • Add Hotspots to Google Maps
  • Easy to use
  • Familiar format for visitors

Built in Floor-Plan Creator

  • Plan Creator is a powerful drawing tool that allows you to quickly build your own floor plan if one is not available.
  • You can build your own
    floor plans quickly with
    no additional costs

Auto Upload for Custom Maps

  • Easily upload existing maps or floor plans  of your facility
  • Use existing maps or diagrams
  • No additional costs

MSN and Skype Link

  • Provides instant messaging, voiceand video conferencing
  • Communicate in real time
    with your prospects
  • Enhance customer service



Multiple Hotspot Placement/Creator

  • Eliminates cluttered Hotspots
  • Easy to distinguish
  • Easy for Customers to select Hotspots in a busy area

Off Line Viewing

  • Load a tour on a laptop or CD for viewing offline
  • Enhance sales presentations
  • Marketing campaigns

PC & MAC Compatible

  • Cross platform enabled
  • Capture growing MAC market

Share Tour

  • Send a tour via or Hotspot
  • Visitors can share your tour
    with others

Stand Alone Tours
No Plug-ins Required

  • No plug ins required eliminating potential access problems for visitor who cannot download plug-ins based on security policies.
  • Supports over 98%
    of all browsers.
  • Makes it easier for visitors to get to you

Sub-Licensee Option

  • Allows your partner’s the ability to manage their own tour/HS through secure access.
  • This reduces the reliance on your own staff and provides control to your partner to implement or make changes to their HS

Visitor Counter

  • Track the number of unique visits to your tour
  • Measure impact of search optimization
  • Respond quickly
  • Fine tune your message
  • See the results as they happen


  • Quick return on Investment
  • Your Virtual Tour can generate money - in some cases over 500%. See VR Case Study
  • VR2020 is budget friendly
  • VR2020 can generate revenue