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Virtual Tour Software Patent Granted

3-November-2011 –London, England

Some Virtual Tour companies pride themselves on their ability to provide virtual tours created from third party software but, we’ve taken our originality and technology in  empowering our clients and have had a patent granted for our own unique software.

We’re delighted to announce that we have been granted our first Patent for delivering Virtual Tours over the internet and we have an additional patent pending aimed at the mobile platform.

Our unique Patented technology allows people to create, manage, modify and deliver dynamic virtual tours through the cloud (on-line) without any coding or programming skills. is unique in the Virtual Tour market in that it is the only sustainable virtual tour software that can generate revenue for customers.

The Virtual Reality Tour software is mainly intended to promote countries, cities, towns, destinations or communities and helps in marketing the destination  and its businesses, services and attractions while creating and generating new revenue streams for communities.

The effectiveness of implementing’s virtual tour software for an organisation is quite apparent. Not only does it help fulfill our customers marketing requirements but it also encourages footfall and increases revenue for any destination. Salvatore Cardu, CEO of City Tours (International) Ltd. commented “We are thrilled that we have been granted our first Patent. With so many cutbacks and decreasing resources in organisations our virtual tour software solution stands out as the only sustainable interactive VR tour platform and we are looking forward to releasing new technologies that will continue to empower our clients and increase their marketing reach while bringing in additional revenues”

For more information please contact City Tours (International) Ltd. t/a and discover how your city, town, destination or community can benefit.

For further details contact:
Salvatore Cardu,
tel: +44 (0)1730 260744


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