360 Degree Virtual Tour Production Process

How to Create a High Quality Virtual Tour

Adding a 360-degree virtual tour of your business creates website stickiness increasing the time visitors spend on your website. The more time people spend on your website the more likely you are to have more traffic more recommendations and more sales.

The panoramic photography should be produced to highest quality be able to be displayed as a full screen interactive experience to give your visitors a true representation that captures your business in its best light.

Hotel room equirectangular ballroom equirectangular panorama
Hotel Room Sample Equirectangular Ballroom Sample Equirectangular

Great panoramic photography properly presented on an intuitive platform will portray your business in a realistic and accurate representation will keep your visitors interested and ‘sticking’ to your website. Virtual Tours can now offer much more than just a 360- degree panorama that a user can spin around. Incorporating more interactivity into your virtual tours such as text description, maps or floor plans, related photos and further useful information and links.

 A 360 degree panoramic photo shoot is normally carried out by one photographer who should guide you in the best ways to present each scene. Common suggestions normally include individual props such as flowers, wine bottles, newspapers, glasses etc, and staged subjects such as staff, which the photographer will be direct. If any staff are used as subjects it is advisable to have then sign a release form to use their image.

In general the equipment used by a good panoramic photographer will consist of a high-quality DSLR camera with a wide angle or fish eye lens, which will be placed on a sturdy tripod through a panoramic head or arm. Depending on the lens used the panoramic photographer will take anywhere between 7 to 20 pictures per panoramic scene. This number will triple if the panoramic photographer is taking an HDR (High Dynamic Range) panorama.

Once the photography shoot is completed the photographs are then assigned for digital processing and photo stitching which converts the images into one equirectangular photo. The equirectangular photos are then assigned to a programmer that incorporates each equirectangular photo, text description, related photos, maps, web links, logo etc, to create a customised virtual tour that shows off your business, hotel, restaurant, property or retail store ready for you to include within your website.

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